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what is the difference between one✫of✫one, made✫to✫order, and limited✫release?


a unique, exclusive, one of a kind clouwdez piece. only one exists in the world. literally.


staple clouwdez designs that are custom made to your measurements <3


exclusive, already made pieces in limited quantities.

how do i care for my clouwdez?

dry cleaning or hand-washing is recommended for all clouwdez pieces. if not possible, hand-washing is another option. 

⋆˙⟡♡ hand-washing instructions * ੈ✩‧₊˚

to ensure the longevity of your clouwdez, gently remove all cords, ribbons, and/or lace from the garment prior to washing.

- gently soak your garment in a basin filled with water + mild detergent.

 ☆ do NOT use bleach on any clouwdez piece  ☆

- over the course of 30 minutes, massage, swirl, and squeeze the garment.

- squeeze out as much of the excess water as possible, then tumble dry in the dryer.

- wear + love your piece 4ever </3

what is your return policy?

✧ all purchases are final sale. 

when will my order ship out?

✧ once an order is placed, you will automatically receive an email with tracking information that will update you on the status of your package <3 for made✫to✫order pieces, please allow for 1-2 weeks of processing time before shipment. for limited✫release and one✫of✫one pieces, please allow for 3-5 days of processing time before shipment.

does clouwdez ship internationally?

✧ yes, everyone around the world can enjoy clouwdez :} 

how much do I have to spend to qualify for free shipping?

✧ all U.S. orders $200 and above receive free shipping <3

how often does clouwdez restock?

✧  restocks are always announced on instagram :: @ clouwdez

will clouwdez still be on Depop?

✧ all clouwdez originals are now exclusively available on our website - although, please continue to stay tuned on our Depop for any future cyber sample salez!